A Serbian Film (2010)

Srdjan Spasojevic’s A Serbian Film is so repellent, so sick, so depraved, it may turn you xenophobic. It begins with a toddler watching his father, Milos (Srdjan Todorovic), pounding away at some woman on a porno. Oh, the memories! Milos since has retired from the industry, but the one-time “Balkan sex god” is in need of some cash, so when he’s approached by some high rollers to shoot an arty film they claim is only for foreign markets, and offer him enough money that he’ll be set for life, he’s ready to throw his hat — and by hat, we mean dick — back into the ring.

You’ve likely already heard about the atrocities Milos commits for the camera, so you may be thinking, “Should I really watch it?” That depends on how much you wanna see Milos jerk off next to a Dumpster while he gazes at an underage hooker, or hear a story about monks making a sandwich spread out of blood, semen and milk.

And that’s nothing compared to him beating and ultimately beheading a woman as he rapes her from behind. Or having to fuck a newborn baby. Or finding out that the masked person under the sheets he’s been raping is his own son. Or punching out a guy’s eyes with his bloody, erect member. A friend warned me, “There’s no reason to watch this. Turn it off now before you see things you can never unsee. And this is coming from me.”

He was right: There is no reason to see A Serbian Film, even out of sheer curiosity. I mean, what’s the point? That raping people is bad? I already knew that, Spasojevic, thanks. Claim it’s pointed, political art all you want, but I have to disagree. I shudder to think there’s someone out there literally getting off on the acts it portrays. Whoever you are, please consider suicide. Kthx. —Rod Lott

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3 Responses to “A Serbian Film (2010)”

  • Todd Mason Says:

    Sounds like a natural extension of HOSTEL to me. And I doubt I’ll ever watch it.

    • Rod Lott Says:

      You’re better off not, but HOSTEL isn’t even in the same league. For starters, Eli Roth doesn’t include baby-fucking. His stuff is YO GABBA GABBA compared to this movie.

      • Todd Mason Says:

        Different in degree, but not in essential nature, I suspect. In no great rush to see either the ILSA movies or THE MAN BEHIND THE SUN, even though I gather the former are campy (in at least two senses) ugly and the latter is just pure (and at least somewhat justified) hatred-ugly.

        Then again, MARTYRS is an excellent film by me. In part because it doesn’t begin to pretend that torture is kicky fun (at least, not when it’s real and non-consensual versus whatever serious S&M roleplayers get into with each other). While I also have no desire to see either CENTIPEDE film…or SAW films…and so on…

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