DeathBed (2002)

deathbedTanya Dempsey (Shrieker) was one of the most masturbated-to starlets in the direct-to-DVD scene. It’s too bad she was constantly saddled with crappy movies like DeathBed. It seems like with a title like DeathBed, it would have to be good. However, this DeathBed doesn’t cause much death. It also doesn’t cause much sex. Mostly a bunch of dry humping. Dry humping can be good in real life when your pre-teen girlfriend is nervous about going all the way, but in movies the ladies should be ready to give it up. Especially the boobies.

DeathBed is the story of a young couple who move into a new apartment. At the beginning, it wants to be Rosemary’s Baby. Except it is shot on video. And is stupid. But Tanya Dempsey is decent to look at. Also in this movie is a guy named Dukey Flyswatter, whose face looks like dookie, and Joe Estevez (Beach Babes from Beyond). He has a talking parrot that gives plenty of wisecracks. It’s not as funny as LL Cool J’s parrot that gets eated by the shark in Deep Blue Sea. But parrots add production value.

deathbed1The monster in this movie is a bed. That doesn’t sound creepy, does it? Well, it doesn’t really do anything creepy, either. Back in the old days, this would have been a raping bed. But now it just has non-scary ghosts that come out of it. Also, the boyfriend likes to give it to his girlfriend rough when he gives it to her on the DeathBed. That’s about it.

There is a good scene where Tanya Dempsey leans over for a long time and Joe Estevez looks at her cleavage and we get to look at it for a long time, too. This is a fucking B-movie; in B-movies, the chicks are supposed to be naked and getting screwed by trees (The Evil Dead) and fish men (Humanoids from the Deep). And even in one movie, they got screwed by worms. In this movie, there’s not even any nudity or any gore. It’s just boring and tries to act important.

The cover says that this is “Stuart Gordon presents.” Well, Stuart Gordon made Re-Animator and in that movie, the girl almost got screwed by a cut-off head! What is the world coming to? These girls don’t even get naked! This is what political correctness brings.

The director is Danny Draven (Reel Evil), who has made a bunch of other crappy movies. He seems to have a lot of fans. I don’t know why. This one is boring and has Joe Estevez in it. Not even a talking parrot can save that shit. —Ed Donovan

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